Dr. Andrew Hodges joins Hodges Clinic


Dr. Andrew Hodges really had no choice, not that he wanted one, mind you. You see, helping people is in his blood.

His mother, Nancy Hodges recently retired from the health department where she served as a registered nurse and clinical supervisor for 34 years. Doug Hodges, his father is a pharmacist at Big C in Skyline. 

Other relatives include his uncle, Dr. Durwood Hodges, who has practiced Family Medicine in Jackson County for 32 years.  

Dr. Andrew Hodges, Scottsboro native, who returned home after medical school and worked as a hospitalist at Highlands Medical Center for a couple of years, is now on his own, just the way he wants it.

Well, he’s kind of on his own. He and Dr. Durwood both reside at Hodges Clinic. 
Dr. Durwood’s father, Dr. Durwood Hodges, Sr., built the building back in the 1970’s with the sole purpose of practicing medicine with his son when he finished medical school. However, he passed away before Dr. Durwood, Jr. finished medical school and opened up a practice for himself, in 1982. So, the building built for two doctors, will finally be full.

“Finally, after 32 years, I have another doctor with me,” said Dr. Durwood. “We’re just excited to have Andrew and look forward to working with him.”
For Dr. Andrew, it’s a little surreal working in the place where he came as a child to be treated.

Dr. Andrew worked as a hospitalist at Highlands Medical Center to help build the program, but during that time realized he likes building those lasting relationships with patients and taking a more active role in their every day medical care.

At the hospital, he had brief interludes with people, but that was about it. “When patients discharged, I wouldn’t see them again, now I can build relationships and treat patients for life,” he said.

 He’s been on his own for a few weeks now, enjoying it more and more each day.
“It’s been a lot of fun,” said Dr. Andrew. “I am really valuing it. Now, I can really communicate with the people who come in. I can focus on getting to know the patient.”

A champion runner, Dr. Andrew graduated from Scottsboro High School in 2000, running for legendary coach John Esslinger and being part of state championships. From there, Dr. Andrew went to UAH, continuing his running career. That’s where he met his future wife, Sarah.

After graduating UAH, they made their way to Mobile, where Dr. Andrew attended medical school at University of South Alabama. He then completed his Internal Medicine Residency at The University of Kentucky School of Medicine in Louisville. 
He came home because it is home. Now, he’s paying his respects to his history, the family history. When it comes to medicine in Scottsboro, the Hodges name stands with them all.

And now, Dr. Andrew Hodges, the latest generation, is ready for patients. To schedule an appointment call 256.574.1566.

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