Health Insurance for Children


Thousands of families across Alabama are eligible for low-cost or free health insurance for their children and don't know it. Children without health insurance may be able to receive health and medical services through ALLKids (Children's Health Insurance Program) or Medicaid. Both programs cover a wide range of services including regular checkups, dental care, eye exams, and glasses, too.

Highlands Medical Center is doing their part in helping Jackson County resident's easily enroll their children for health insurance. A free standing enrollment device is now available anytime in the lobby of Highlands Medical Center Emergency Department. It only takes five-minutes and you can do it yourself.

"We hope with the free standing device, families will feel more comfortable enrolling, it is very easy to navigate," says Jennifer McCurdy, marketing manager at Highlands Medical Center. "Highlands will continue to offer services to assist with insurance options for adults through our billing department."

Don't wonder if you can afford insurance for your children, find out! You may also enroll at or call 888.752.2731.

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