Highlands Medical Center Introduces Five New Transit Vans To Ambulance Service


JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. - Five new transit vehicles were added to Highlands Ambulance Service."We have had multiple trucks over the years some of them are not usable," says Dr. Lonnie Albin, CEO of Highlands Medical Center.

While they refurbished some older vehicles, most of the work relies on this new fleet. "These were certainly a needed purchase. Running an ambulance service in a rural area is most difficult and they have to cover a tremendous territory," says Dr. Albin.

Not only do they transport to Highlands but surrounding hospitals as well. "They're smoother riding," explains Dr. Albin. "They're more quiet. The air conditioners are newer, so they're much more comfortable."

With new vehicles, they have new stretchers and stretcher mounts. They even have new state of the art cardiac monitors. "These vehicles have temperature control medication boxes, which keep the medication at a constant temperature regardless of the ambient temperature whether it's hot or cold."

With an average of 8000 calls a year, hospital officials tell us this upgrade was definitely needed for greater efficiency. "We certainly will evaluate this moving forward in terms of their performance," says Dr. Albin. "Their reduced cost, maintenance and fuel and could possibly increase the fleet utilizing these types of vehicles in the future."

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