Hopitalist Play Important Role


To assure coordinated efforts across the care continuum, the hospitalist program at Highlands Medical Center is designed to provide the highest quality of individualized compassionate inpatient care. Our mission to provide this superior service is achieved by collaborating, communicating and coordinating seamlessly with patients and families to primary care providers and support staff.

Formed in 2011, the hospitalist program bridges the patient's care between the office based primary care physician and the inpatient hospital setting. Today, Highlands Medical Center employs two full-time hospitalists who assist in covering our hospital 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The focused practice of hospitalist medicine is the fastest growing field in medicine. Hospitalists continue to be instrumental in improving patient safety and increasing efficiency and quality of care.

The hospitalist program is specifically designed to give patients personalized attention during their hospitalization by providing an on-site 24/7 physician presence to address patients' needs. The hospitalists at Highlands Medical Center are internal medicine physicians who focus on critical care. These Hospitalists work exclusively within the hospital; they round on patients as often as necessary and can expedite the scheduling of tests and assessments.

Our hospitalists are familiar with every other specialty in the hospital and are, above all, exceptional at managing and coordinating care. As a result, care is tightly coordinated with the goal that the patient gets the best possible medical attention.

Our hospitalists work as partners with community-based physicians to provide their patients with expert inpatient medical care and keep both the patient and the primary physician informed of the plan and progress of care. Continuity is achieved by adhering to the referral preferences of the community-based physician, by detailed notification of admission findings and transmission of discharge instructions and summaries. Since our hospitalists devote 100% of their time to a hospital-based practice, community-based primary care physicians can devote their time to seeing their patients in the office.

Upon discharge from Highlands Medical Center, patients are returned to the care of their regular physician. Additionally, at discharge our hospitalists will provide the patient with needed prescriptions for medications and help arrange follow-up care.

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