The Annual Wellness Visit


Who is eligible?
All individuals with Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plan coverage are eligible.

I see my doctor whenever I'm sick, so why do I need an Annual Wellness Visit?
Typically, visits to the doctor are for the purpose of treating an existing illness. The goal of the Annual Wellness Visit is to prevent future health problems, reduce your health risks, and keep you well! The Annual Wellness Visit has replaced what was once referred to as a yearly physical. Annual Wellness Visits increase your ability to avoid chronic illness and decrease your chances of being hospitalized, so you can enjoy living your life.

Is there a cost for an Annual Wellness Visit?
No. One Annual Wellness Visit is provided FREE of charge to Medicare patients each year. Your free Annual Wellness Visit is available with your primary care physician.

You will be asked:
*Your medical/family history
*Your past preventive services
*Your current medical providers and specialists
*Your current medications (having a written list of medications available during your visit is helpful)

Your visit will include:
*Routine measurements (height, weight, blood pressure, body mass index)
*Advanced Care Planning
*Cognitive Screening
(your medical and emotional well-being).
Your doctor may recommend additional tests, screenings, and services.

Ask your primary care physician about your Annual Wellness Visit or call today to schedule.

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Highlands Family Medicine 256.259.0061
Highlands Family Care 256.657.2025
Jackson County Family Medicine 256.259.5537

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