Scottsboro/North Jackson Urgent Care Clinics

Scottsboro and North Jackson Urgent Care Clinics assist all ages, from pediatric medicine to senior services.Our walk in clinics have two convenient locations in Jackson County to keep wait times low and allow our qualified health care providers to provide the most attention possible. The clinics are an option for patients whose primary care physician may not be available and to those who have injuries or illnesses that require immediate attention and are not in need of an ER visit. The urgent care centers do not require an appointment. Our North Jackson location is open Monday through Friday 8am-4pm and our Scottsboro location is open 7 days a week from 
8am-5pm. Both locations have a very attentive, family friendly environment. After all, we're trying to make you feel better!


Scottsboro Urgent Care is located at 102 Micah Way Suite 1107, in the complex with Geno's. 

North Jackson Urgent Care is located at 42950 US Hwy. 72, Stevenson, in Shop Rite complex. 

Both facilities will accept most insurance.

Scottsboro location can be reached at 259.4802
North Jackson location can be reached at 437.1020

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers 

-Where are the urgent care facilities located and what are the hours of operation? We have 2 facilities. One located in Scottsboro at 102 Micah Way in the complex that houses Therapy Unlimited, Geno’s and Shackys. Our Scottsboro location is open 7 days a week from 8am-5pm. Our other location in Stevenson is housed in the Shop Rite Plaza at 42950 US HWY 72. Our North Jackson location is open Monday through Friday 8am-4pm.

-Are the urgent care facilities open during the holidays? Typically, yes, the facilities are open. However, closures may occur based on census or patient volume. You may call the offices or visit Highlands Medical Center FB page for information.

-When should I go to the urgent care instead of the emergency room? The Urgent Cares should be used when you have an “urgent condition” vs. an “emergent” condition. Examples are you have been feeling poorly for a few days and home therapy is not working, lacerations that may require sutures, questionable broken bones, sprains, strains. We also offer services for individuals who may be new to the area and have not established a family physician. We can fill that gap by prescribing the individuals maintainence medicine for a short period of time until a relationship with a physician can be established long term. We do not treat chest pain, severe shortness of breath, motor vehicle accidents, and other major traumas because we do not have the supplies and equipment to provide the level of care needed in those situations.

-What are the benefits of going to urgent care? Benefits include shorter waiting time, no appointments are necessary and patients can come when their primary care physician may not be available, etc.)

-What type of insurance is accepted? BC/BS, Medicare, Medicare Railroad, NAMCI and CompOne

-What if I don’t have insurance? Private pay is accepted. Those type payments are due at the time of service. We accept cash, check, debit and credit cards. We offer a very affordable and competitive fee schedule. And will gladly coordinate your treatment and financial needs