Therapy Unlimited

Therapy Unlimited, an affiliate of Highlands Medical Center, provides patients with exceptional care in physical, vestibular, and aquatic therapy. Various therapies and treatment interventions are offered to treat a number of conditions, many of which are listed below. If you are suffering from one or more of these conditions, or have other physical impairments please call 256.259.4440. Therapy Unlimited is located at 102 Micah Way Suite 1105 Scottsboro, AL.

Injuries and Illnesses Treated by Physical Therapy

 •TMJ (Jaw Pain)• •Generalized weakness• 
 •Post CVA/Neurological conditions•  •Pre & post surgical interventions•
 •Orthopedic injuries•  •Spinal injuries/pain•
  •Muscle strains/sprains•  •Difficulty walking•
  •Carpal tunnel syndrome•  •Sports injuries•

Injuries and Illnesses Treated by Vestibular Therapy

•Decreased balance• 
•Increased fall risk•

Injuries and Illnesses Treated by Aquatic Therapy

•Back injury•  •Fibromyalgia• 
 •Muscle Spasms•  •Muscle strains/sprains•
 •Arthritis•  •Sports injury•
 •Post-surgical reconstruction•  •Pre & postpartum•
 •Balance disorders•  •Chronic pain•
 •Joint replacement•  •Generalized pain•